You Can Find Mohawk Hardwood Flooring For Any Design Style

If you are in the market for hardwood floors and you want to choose a company that offers an environmentally friendly option that allows you to reduce your carbon foot print, then Mohawk hardwood flooring may be the perfect option for you. Many flooring companies are working to create more environmentally friendly products, however, it is Mohawk that has taken the step of using reclaimed wood to achieve this goal. In addition to reclaimed wood, Mohawk is also using a product called PureBond. PureBond allows them to use less formaldehyde when producing their hardwood floors. Mohawk has also switched to UniClick for many of their products, which eliminates the need for using glue.

The first thing that you have to understand about reclaimed Mohawk hardwood flooring is that it isn't for everyone. Reclaimed wood comes from demolished buildings so, as you can imagine, the wood is not necessarily uniform looking. While the wood is planed and stained, etc. reclaimed wood is often better for rustic homes, homes with a very industrial feel and homes that deliberately take on the look of using reclaimed materials. Naturally, if you simply love the way that reclaimed wood looks, you can use it in your home no matter what your decor style is, it simply will be a more prominent feature in those settings.

UniClick is a tongue and groove instillation for some of Mohawk's hardwood flooring options. UniClick is not only available in reclaimed wood options. You can also purchase hardwoods with this easy to install option such as the Mohawk Pastoria Oak Golden planks or the Exotic African Pandank Natural Zanzibar hardwood. These flooring options are fairly cheap, costing about $6.12 per square foot (all are sold in cases, however, not by square foot). If you are looking to save on the costs associated with getting hardwood floors, then the UniClick option is great for you as it allows you to easily install the wood yourself.

Whether you want a clean contemporary look for your home or you like a knotted pine hardwood floor, you can create the look that you want with Mohawk hardwood flooring. There are plenty of companies that sell Mohawk and other brands of hardwood for your home, so a visit to your local home improvement store should provide you with all of the options that you could possibly imagine.

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