Mohawk Carpeting Is Available In Tiles Or Wall To Wall Options

There are some places where hardwood flooring is simply not practical. States like Florida, for example, have such extreme weather conditions and the air is so moist that hardwood floors don't often do very well. This is one of many reasons that someone might choose to go with carpeting or laminate flooring in lieu of hardwood floors. Another important reason is that some people simple prefer carpeting over other types of flooring, and with the versatility that carpet offers (such as indoor and outdoor options as well as a wide variety of styles) it is no surprise. Mohawk carpeting is one of the many brand options available for carpeting.

You have a couple of options when it comes to the installation of Mohawk carpeting. You can choose a wall to wall option, which means that a continuous roll of carpet is installed in your room. If your room is very long or wide, there is a possibility that it will require two or more rolls of carpet, which will create seams. A professional instillation will ensure that the seams will be practically invisible.

The other option are carpet tiles, such as the Mohawk-Modular-Carpet : Mesa Tile 18 X 18 inch square. Carpet tiles offer you a lot of versatility because you can choose to go with the same tiles throughout the room, rotate the tiles to create a new patter or even use several different types of tiles to create a look only you will have in your home. Carpet tiles are a favorite for businesses because if a portion of the carpet is stained or damaged beyond repair, replacing a single tile is a lot easier and more affordable than replacing a whole carpet. Additionally, Mohawk carpeting tiles are great for kids rooms and rooms that see a lot of traffic, such as the living room.

In most cases, carpet tiles are not installed over a thick padding. Because of that, if you prefer a nice plush carpet, then Mohawk carpeting tiles may not be for you. You may want to consider a more traditional option for your carpet. Regardless, whether you prefer carpet tiles or a traditional rolled carpet, you are sure to find something you love from Mohawk. If not, there are many other great brands for you to choose from so that you can have the perfect carpeting option in your home.



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